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Crows players warm-up on ground DURING women's match.

  • Crows players warm-up on ground DURING women's match.

Adelaide Crows players have come under scrutiny for showing disrespect to the AFL Women's Curtain Raiser match that occurred before the Crows match against the Giants on Saturday night.

A few several thousand people turned up early to watch the match, and were interrupted by a few impatient Adelaide players.

While reports suggest that the players did not get involved or interfere in the match, writer Peter Holden makes a terrific point. 

"If such actions were done during an AFL men's match, security would surely be escorting those individuals from the stadium," Holden writes.

The worst act was yet to follow when the Crows players actually wandered onto the ground to warm-up, while the game was being played on the other side of the ground.

"However, the biggest insult was spotted and photographed by Matt Crowe (below), a spectator who was enjoying the second half of the match,"

 Comments were left ono the Girls Play Footy Facebok page, with many unhappy with the disrespect shown by the Adelaide players. 

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