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Dangerfield's future turns to garbage

  • Dangerfield's future turns to garbage

Officially, there's no word on Patrick Dangerfield's future. But the speculation has turned to garbage - literally.

Dangerfield's every move is being scrutinised ahead of the star Adelaide midfielder's expected defection to AFL rivals Geelong.

So imagine the excitement when two black garbage bags were loaded into Dangerfield's car at Adelaide's West Lakes headquarters on Monday.

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Surely, this was proof of Dangerfield cleaning out his locker; evidence of his decision to depart.

Not so, according to Dangerfield's housemate and teammate (or is that ex-housemate and ex-teammate?) Jake Kelly - who threw the bags into the back seat of the car and told attending media they were his, before Dangerfield emerged and drove off.

They may well belong to Kelly. But that would just be facts getting in the way of a good - albeit unconfirmed - story.

Facts are, nobody - not Dangerfield, the Crows, Geelong, nor the AFL - have publicly confirmed any pending move.

But the silence is deafening for Adelaide's supporters who idolise the club's most brilliant player (or is that ex-player?)

Just as Dangerfield drove away from Adelaide's headquarters, Melbourne's Fairfax Media reported that the midfielder had told the Crows last month that he was leaving.

That report came two days after Fairfax's intra-city rival, News Corp, published a story that Dangerfield had signed a five-year contract with Geelong.

The Crows remain largely silent, offering only the long-held club line to AAP on Monday that they won't comment on player contracts.

So just when will Dangerfield announce his intentions? Depends.

One of the many rumours swirling around is that the AFL has asked Dangerfield to delay his announcement to leave Adelaide until after he wins - yes, 100 per cent iron-clad wins - the Brownlow Medal next Monday night.

The Brownlow count comes two days after Adelaide's club champion award - which Dangerfield is tipped to win after producing another season of sustained on-field excellence.

If you believe the rumours, Dangerfield has already purchased a property at Aireys Inlet, about 45km from Geelong - and close to his family's home at Moggs Creek.

So the rumours go, Dangerfield has also been spotted furniture shopping - and why would he do that, if not for his new house?

Dangerfield also recently bought a boat, which caused more ripples - was it best suited for South Australian or Victorian waters?

Add to the mix that Dangerfield's partner Mardi Harwood is the daughter of a former Geelong mayor - they met at Geelong's Oberon High school. And Mardi, the rumours say, wants to go home.

And Dangerfield, as a boy, also had a certain Frank Costa as a neighbour - yes, the same Costa who was formerly Geelong Football Club's president; the same Costa who still employs Dangerfield's mother and aunt at the family's Aireys Inlet holiday compound.

But does it all add up to something more than garbage?

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