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Crows at home on the MCG: coach

  • Crows at home on the MCG: coach

Adelaide say they'll feel at home on the MCG in Saturday night's AFL elimination final.

And it's not just because the ground isn't the home of their hosts, the Western Bulldogs.

Crows coach Scott Camporeale believes Adelaide's game style perfectly suits the MCG.

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"The way we move the ball will help us through the MCG, no doubt about that," he said.

Camporeale said the wider dimensions of the ground presented opportunity - and danger.

"It's obviously rounder, so to speak. Adelaide Oval or Subiaco Oval are narrower by dimension.

"So there is a little bit more territory to defend (at the MCG) so that comes with a positive and a negative.

"When you defend, you have got to make sure you are alert and up in the opposition's face. And offensively, there may be more opportunities to get through.

"Our game plan stands up in any ground."

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